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Spooktactular Boo Joy-Con

I ain't afraid of no Boo

Joy-Con Service
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Materials Used

• Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers*(1)
• Spray Paint
• Replacement White Analog Sticks (on some variations)
• Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Shells Only
• Spray Paint
**Analog Sticks Not Included**
Please note designs may differ slightly from pictured.
This product is handmade to order, if we don't have any ready to go, dispatch time can take upto 2-3 weeks depending how busy we are with orders, this time is usually sooner.
*(1) We use new, unused controllers only that will come repackaged. Contains modified controller only. If you are supplying your own Joy-Con, we can not guarantee they'll be returned in original packaging.


• Joy Con Controllers
• Vivid Colours

Dispatch Time

Standard: 5-6 weeks

Express: 3-4 Weeks

Dispatch Times can vary.

Please understand time is needed on items that are made to order before they can be dispatched. If we need to order new stock to complete your order dispatch times may be longer, if this is the case we shall let you know.

Care Instructions

Our Boo design (from Mario) Joy Con Shells captures the mischievous spirit of these iconic ghostly characters. These unique shells are divided into two distinct sides. On one side, you'll find a striking white backdrop with a charming Boo face at the bottom, complete with its trademark wide grin and wide, round eyes.

On the other side, the right Joy Con is adorned with several Boo characters, adding a playful and whimsical touch to your controller. Each Boo seems ready to pop out and surprise anyone who dares to pick up the controller.

Whether you're chasing down Boos in Luigi's Mansion or simply adding a touch of Mario-themed fun to your gaming setup, our Boo from Mario Joy Con Shell is the perfect choice. Get ready to bring the world of Mario to life with this captivating and adorable accessory.

Key Features:

  1. Designs: The Boo from Mario Joy Con Shells features a whimsical split design, with a charming Boo face on one side and a group of playful Boos on the other, adding a delightful and mischievous touch to your controller.

  2. Hand-Painted Artistry: Each controller/shell is meticulously hand-painted using stencils and an airbrush. We take pride in crafting unique, one-of-a-kind controllers that showcase the iconic leaf design from the game.

  3. Precision and Quality: We use high-quality Joy-Con controllers shells as the base, ensuring that you not only get a stunning design but also excellent durability.

  4. Compatibility: These custom controllers shells are fully compatible with your Nintendo Switch & OLED Joy Con, enjoy your favorite games with a unique piece of art.

  5. Perfect Gift: Looking for a gift? Our custom Joy-Con controllers make the perfect present for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these controllers, each one may have slight variations, making your controller truly unique. Order yours now and immerse yourself with something truly unique!

These Controllers will be handmade to order upon receipt of payment and usually dispatched in 3-5 weeks.