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Custom Commission

Tell me your ideas

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Materials Used


Dispatch Time

Standard: 4-6 Weeks

Express: 4-6 Weeks

Dispatch Times can vary.

Please understand time is needed on items that are made to order before they can be dispatched. If we need to order new stock to complete your order dispatch times may be longer, if this is the case we shall let you know.

Care Instructions

This is a payment listing for a custom commission. Depending on your needs the design, complexity, or special requirements may need additional charges which will be discussed before proceeding.

Please give us as much detail as possible to best help you. If you are unsure what you might want, please let us know and we can help you to come up with a design you want.

Some things to consider:

  • Our designs are all hand painted / airbrushed, your ideas should work with stencils, airbrushing, or hand painted techniques
  • very fine details are not impossible but are very challenging and may require reevaluation of the comission costs to be considered
  • What Game, Movie, Anime, Characters, football team or brand etc you want your controller/plates themed around
  • Please let us know what colours you might like?
  • If you want a name or gamer tag added to the artwork?
  • Anything else you can think of

Some customisations may require adjustments in price like different colour buttons, extra modifications etc, if you are unsure if your ideas might cost more, please get in touch to check.

Once you have made your order, you can send any ref images to


We aim to design and build a controller you'll love forever. I would be happy to arrange a design to a theme you want and run from there if your happy for me take lead, or work with your ideas to get down a more specific vision you may have.

Upon completion of your design, we limit design change request to 2 small changes, 1 large change subject to design complexity and execution.

If your ideas calls for more complex executions, I may have to reqork the quote for a higher cost of producing the artwork, as this could take more time to complete.

Base Controller

We use stock controllers as the base to complete your customisations, this is usually black or white, controller shells are prepared before being painted to promote paint adhesion.

Supplying your own Controller or item?

You would be responsible for covering the cost of shipping your items to us, either by your own means or we can arrange for a collection with our delivery partner and provide you a quote. You would require to box up any items together and secure them before the collection is arranged.


My General turn around for commission work is 6-10 weeks, this allows time for my other commitments, the design stage, acquiring stock and materials needed, my work is usually completed ahead of this time and is used as a guide.

Depending on circumstances this sometimes can be longer but is very rare and I will keep you updated. I work around a 2nd job 2-3 days a week, along witha  dairy full of orders and other commissions ahead of completed new work.

Rush Orders

Rush orders can be arranged to be completed and delivered for time sensitive events or occasions, a reccomendation of 2 weeks minimum is advised, let us know when you need it and I'll see what I can do. We may not always be able to commit to time sensitive orders.

Rush orders come with additional fees and will be quoted accordingly. 


I offer 6 month warranty on new controllers(That I supply), this would cover functionality and the painted finish, On a controller you supply, the warranty would only cover the painted finish.

Warranty on Plates is just for the paint finish.

Warranty does not include general wear and tear of the paint, stuff that could be caused by knocks and bumps or minor scratches or use of cleaning materials(not recommended) that can affect the painted finish. Warranty does not include stick drift development over time, trigger damage from excessive use/force, or liquid damage.